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Hawker Typhoon
Nicknamed the 'Tiffy' the Typhoon came very close to being cancelled before being developed into a formidable aircraft for the Royal Air Force.

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Avro Anson

Nicknamed the 'Annie', Avro's twin-engined trainer would play a vital role in preparing the various aircrew needed to operate multi-engined aircraft.

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Hawker Hind

Developed as an interim light bomber for the RAF, whilst it awaited modern aircraft, during its period of expansion the Hind would end its time as a training aircraft.

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Classic Warbirds
Guide to 313 Museums & Memorials

The United Kingdom has a rich aviation heritage itself, but it has also played host to a number of aircraft and service personnel from around the world. With our online map we chart the museums & memorials which are dotted around the country which tell the story of the aircraft and the people who worked with them during the period from 1914 up to the Cold War.

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Classic Warbirds

Our YouTube channel has a range of aircraft videos available to watch. Highlights include a flypast by 15 Supermarine Spitfires at the IWM Duxford and the de Havilland Sea Vixen displaying at Shuttleworth. There are also walkaround videos for a number of aircraft including the Hawker Hurricane and Boulton Paul Defiant.

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Hawker Typhoon
Avro Anson
Hawker Hind
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